Language Learning Module

Do you want to learn English or become better at English? Does your child wish to learn English or advance to a higher level of English? Have you heard from a teacher that you must work on your level of English? Do you want individual lessons or group lessons? Then, this is for you.


I offer a free introductory meeting where we will discuss your goals and what you are looking for. Afterwards, I will design a personalized curriculum for you. The module can last 10 sessions, 15 sessions or 20 sessions.


Throughout the lessons, you can expect a positive and encouraging environment where mistakes are allowed and successes are celebrated.


This is suitable for Elementary, high school and university students. This is also available for teenagers and/or adults who would like to learn more english or would like to do a themed module for advance english users (example: writing an editorial, poetry).


Examples of products I have made in the past:

  • 15 sessions: intensive English learning summer program: 3 times a week for 30 minutes for a duration of 5 weeks. 
  • 10 sessions: Beginner English based on Phonics and word formation: every other week for 30 minutes. 


The prices are excluding a 20 to 30 euros for building the teaching materials and curriculum.


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