Would you like some help with your organizational skills? Would you like to be better at planning and feel less stress when it comes to preparing for your exams? Does your child need help with planning for school work?


Throughout this course, you will learn how to plan for school or for your career. You will also develop good studying skills and time management. 


This course is a total of 5 hrs of teaching divided or 3 to 5 sessions. This course can be taken individually or in a group. 


This course is suitable for adults, university students, High school students (or students entering into high school next year) and can be offered in English or in Dutch. 


Example of themes covered: 

  • Use of a planner
  • Important and urgent quadrants
  • Metacognition
  • Time planning and management
  • Studying skills


Prices are excluding 20 euros for teaching materials. 

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