Feedback on Assignment

Would you like someone to read over your assignment? Would you like some tips and tops before you hand in your assignment? Would you like to make sure you have included everything that must be included in your assignment? Would you like to make sure you will pass or get as high a grade as possible?


This service offers four different types of feedback on assignments:

  • Option 1: one reading with detailed and extensive written tips and tops.   (15 €)
  • Option 2: one reading with detailed and extensive written tips and tops plus a phone call (or in-person meeting) to discuss your feedback and work on the assignment. (25 €)
  • Option 3: two readings with detailed and extensive written tips and tops. With the first reading you will get written feedback that you can then apply. After you have applied this, I will do a second reading and give more written feedback (30 €)
  • Option 4: the same as the third plus a phone call or in-person meeting. (40 €)

Internship Binder

Would you like to have a binder for your internship? This is a growing bundle that will grow as you go through the years at HU. Inside the binder, you will find all the necessary information and forms needed for your internship. This assures that you will not forget anything and keeps everything in one place.

20 €


Do you need help with your courses from the teacher education program at HU? Would you like to make sure you pass your classes? Would you like to be less stressed throughout your university journey? Would you like to have higher grades? Do you need help to pass a resit? Would you like to have some support or someone to who you can ask all of your questions?


Then, this service is for you. I have completed my first year at HU with remarkable grades and have helped a lot of students through their first year as well. I enjoy encouraging others through their studies and exams and celebrating their wins.


This service is also available if you would like to do this with a group of friends. Prices will be adjusted upon consultation. 


Through this service, you can expect from me personalized guidance and a positive attitude.


The different options offered:

  • Option 1: One exam week

Do you need help getting through your exam week? You would like to have someone call with you and look over your exams and you would like to have someone you can reach out to with all of your questions, then this is for you. I will be available to help you through your exam week (meet as many times as you need) and will make sure you have everything included in your assignments before handing them it. (45 €)


  • Option 2: One whole class

Would you like some help and support throughout one whole class? With this option, I will be available to help you learn your materials for the chosen class, prepare for your exam, complete your assignment and will be available to answer all of your questions. This includes a weekly meeting or phone call (when needed) and extra guidance throughout the exam week. (100 €)

This service is also offered for two classes for the price of 150 €


  • Option 3: Whole school period (block) 

Would you like some help with all of your classes, exams, internship and planning for a whole period or more? With this service, you will get personalized guidance for all for your classes.

Together we will make sure that you know all of the materials, have a complete assignment and feel confident about your abilities. This service includes phone calls and meetings when needed, extra help with topics and feedback on assignments. I will also always be reachable for any questions you might have throughout the period(s) you have paid for. This service insures you can go through your courses with as little stress as possible, passing grades (as long as you also put effort :) into your work) and positivity.


Products available through this service:

  1. One period: 200 €
  2. Two periods: 250 €
  3. Three periods: 300 €
  4. Full-year (all-in): 600 € (This service is an all-inclusive service that will include a personalized plan based on your goals and desires, any other service I offer that you would like to benefit from and weekly support.)

Tutoring Sessions 

Tutoring sessions are also available to HU students. For example, if one student or a group of friends need help with their Phonetics class, they could pay for 10 sessions of tutoring. This would mean that they would have one meeting a week with me, where we would look at your homework, study the learning materials and prepare you for your exam. 


For more information go to the Tutoring Sessions page

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