My Education 

College Jesus-Marie de Sillery

(Three first years of high school / equivalent to VWO) – 2012-2015

  • French private school part of the international baccalaureate with a great emphasis on learning to learn.
  • Top performance school in the region.
  • In this school, I have learned discipline, great work ethics and a sense of community.
  • I have completed more then 100 hours of volunteer work.


Saint-Patrick high school

(Two last year of high school / equivalent to VWO) – 2015-2017

  • English public high school
  • I have graduated on the honor roll. This means that my overall grade average was above 80%.
  • I have participated in the public speaking competition and won 4th place in my grade year.
  • I graduated with my high science, chemistry, physics, scientific math and French mother tongue classes.


Cégep (college) St. Lawrence in art, literature and communications – 2017-2019                                                                                            

  • Arts, literature and communication program
  • First language level English and French (including literature) with beginner level Spanish and German


Teacher education in English: Hu Utrecht: year 1 – 2020-2021

  • Honor student participating in various personal projects. Completion of a personal leadership course.
  • Minor in creative writing starting in year 2 (2021-2022)
  • Second minor in Dutch language and culture starting in year 2 (2021-2022)
  • Overall average of 8
  • First year internship in the upper levels at Sint-Oelbert Gymnasium


Teacher education in English: Hu Utrecht: year 2 – 2021-2022

  • Dutch language and culture minor
  • Research Project: How can learner engagement be encouraged during a novel unit in class VWO 3EnReg of Sint-Oelbertgymnasium in order to improve writing skills?
  • Research Project in using essential questions to improve reading engagement.
  • Internship at Sint-Oelbertgymnasium (see professional experience)


Professional Development

Ron Clark Academy online professional development – 2020

  • Professional development given online with multiple guest speakers, such as Oprah Winfrey.


Shakespeare Teacher Festival Course – 2020

  • Professional development course on teaching Shakespeare. Topics include: close reading, formative assessments, course design and scaffolding.

My Professional Experience

Tutoring for deaf children and children wanting to learn English – 2012-2021

  • Once a week helping a deaf child with his homework since he needed extra support.
  • I have tutored various children over the years in English. I have done individual and small group teaching for students at various levels.
  • Animation of an extra-curricular activity to teach English to children


Tutor for elementary and high school students – 2017 

  • “The Ray Berry Memorial Award” for my academic excellence, my desire to help others and commitment to tutoring.
  • Offering tutoring four days a week, before and after school.
  • Helping students with their English and mathematics.


Building a curriculum and workbook for English classes. Giving private English classes to two boys during the summer of 2020.

  • Building a course with its own unique course materials
  • Teaching English to second language learners


Building a curriculum and teaching English to Dutch (seven-year-old) child at a beginner level of English – 2020 – now


Teaching (English class) four hours a week in a Dutch High school (VWO Gymnasium) – 2021-2022

  • My internship for my second year of university was as a paid and independent teacher. I taught 4 hours (class 2 and 3) a week on my own and also completed all associated teaching tasks. This tasks were curriculum creation, creating tests, grading, meeting with colleagues, attending study days, etc.

Teaching (English class) ten hours a week in a Dutch High school (VWO Gymnasium) – 2022-2023

  • My internship for my third year of university is as a paid and independent teacher. I teach 10 hours a week on my own and also complete all associated teacher tasks. This tasks are curriculum creation, creating tests, grading, meeting with colleagues, attending study days, etc.
  • I am teaching class 1, class 2 (new set-up whcih consist of teacher 2 class hours with my own group and a third hour where all class 2 students are divided based needs), and class 3 (both regular english groups where I am implementing the curriculum I created with my university research project).

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